This collection contains t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts and mugs. {Click HERE to see it all} There is a limited amount of each item and when it releases live at 5PM CST on Sunday, October 11th items will only be available until they are gone! As always, all items are handmade and hand-lettered. 


All the items in this collection simply relate to what I have been thinking and feeling this fall. Here’s the basics:


✖️”homegrown” tee: Moving back home I have realized how thankful I am to be in Dubuque and surrounded by family and friends that love Jesus, support others and care about me. This shirt is for those who recognize how their hometown made them who they are.


✖️“grow in grace” long sleeve tee: This has been on my heart through my time in the word of God lately - continuing to ask myself if I am growing in the grace that God gives me freely and if I am showing that grace to others.


✖️“see the good” tee and long sleeve tee: This is a favorite that I launched this summer after just making for myself one evening. I have come to use this phrase daily!


✖️“Iowa”: This one was inspired by the many drives around Iowa I have taken in the past few months of quarantine - simply recognizing the beauty of this state and the pride I have for it


✖️”embrace change”: There has been a lot of change in my life in the past year, so I am praying for contentment a lot and ultimately praying to embrace the changes 2020 has thrown


✖️”leaves falling, coffee calling” + "caffeine queen" 

These ones are funny because I don’t even really like coffee but I have found myself drinking coffee (mostly sugar and chocolate with espresso) a lot lately - I blame it on the weather!

Iowa Flowers Crewneck (Heather Sand)