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Introduction to brush lettering course

Hey you! Yes, you! Stop and listen to this! Are you bored? Or maybe you want to learn something new? Well….I would LOVE to teach you brush lettering online! I have developed a comprehensive brush lettering course where I will teach you step-by-step...literally. There is NO previous experience (or good handwriting) necessary.

With my online classroom you can take as long as you need to master each section. You are free to watch the course as many times as you like as your access never expires. You control the pace of the class, the difficulty, and the practice. This is honestly an amazing way to learn because it's so flexible yet you are up close to watch my instruction. 


As a live calligraphy workshop host, I have taught over 400 amazing individuals to hand-letter in the past year. I have received countless feedback about what participants like and what they want more practice with. My in-person experience is critical because I also know what questions people normally ask and so I have been able to work those into all the material. This class has over 2 hours of teaching content as I guide you through my brush lettering workbook. We cover brush pens, how to use the workbook, basic strokes, lower and uppercase alphabets, connecting letters, intentional practice and more!

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