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 Before you hear about me, I want to tell you that no matter your age, if you are an aspiring hand-lettering artist or calligrapher, I encourage you to take the leap and JUST START. You don’t have to have the fanciest tools or a lot of knowledge on how to create. Simply be patient, give yourself time to grow, and most importantly, have fun with it. As a previous middle school teacher, volleyball coach, small business owner, and lettering workshop host, I encourage you to take time to slow down and try lettering.





I have always had a love for pretty letters. By the age of two, I was writing my name on everything. In elementary, I loved to make my letters "extra fancy" and my mom remodeled our basement to have an art room, which was where I spent the majority of my time. I started developing a true love for creativity. By the time I was in middle school, my notes were taken with care and consideration for the design sometimes rather than the content. However, through high school, I got busy with sports and put to rest my love of art. It wasn’t until the winter of 2014 that I decided to learn more about the skill I loved so much.

While playing basketball in college, I realized that there is not much to do over winter break when everyone was away from campus. My schedule that December consisted of basketball practice, weights, conditioning, eating, sleeping, and a lot of Netflix. But there is only so much Netflix one can watch. This was when I picked up some paint and canvases at my local Walmart and decided to paint quotes on canvas for my family for Christmas. From there I painted signs for those on the basketball team, and then made signs for my dorm room and even signs for those who lived on my dorm floor. Learning more about canvas painting and teaching myself hand lettering became my favorite hobby. After more and more practice, and so many requests to sell my work, I decided to let go of my fear and launch my business, Lovely Little Light.

Starting a small business has not been easy but God has blessed my business in many ways and I have been blessed to work with the sweetest clients! What started as simply painting for enjoyment transitioned into teaching myself calligraphy to letter and paint on anything I could get my designs on to. This lil creative business has changed drastically since I started and has continues to grow and develop in so many ways - even throughout the last year.

What started as canvas painting in my dorm has transformed into...

• developing a style of brush calligraphy

• lettering on a wide variety of signage (paper, wood, glass, mirror, acrylic)

• making large wedding signs and products

• creating hand-lettered custom apparel

• launching seasonal product lines with my drawings on clothing 

• painting on leather and jean jackets (now offered through my sister brand: Lovely Wedding Co.) 

• offering custom rental signage (now offered through my sister brand: Lovely Wedding Co.) 

• writing a calligraphy workbook

• collaborating with other creatives and small businesses

• starting a lettering club

• teaching lettering classes and camps to adults and kids

• designing and painting large scale murals and art for small businesses

• building a brand identity for fellow business owners 


Through it all, my love for pretty letters that I had when I was a little girl continues but has also become a platform for me to simply spread a little joy through handmade goods and share the good news of Jesus.

I am excited to see the ways this “hobby” turned business of mine continues to grow and develop. Thank you for supporting my creative passion. It is a joy for me to create for you and teach you how to create





Current Location: Swisher, Iowa

Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

Marital Status: Married to my husband in 2022

Church Membership: Veritas Church (Cedar Rapids) 

Past Jobs: Middle School Science and English Teacher 

Favorite Female Author: Lysa Terkeurst

Favorite Male Author: Paul David Tripp

Favorite Calligraphy Tool: Tombow Dual Brush Pen


Favorite Lettering Tool: Sharpie Paint Pen 

Favorite Stores: Target and Lululemon 

Things I love: Jesus, my husband, my family and friends, a calm morning, 

water bottles, a good workout, beautiful design, and simplicity


Want to grab coffee? Chat all about your business? Talk about Jesus? Learn about hand-lettering? Discuss something serious? Or just giggle together about something random on your mind?


Contact me today, friend

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