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Business Branding: 

Any product I have ever created for you has always had a hand-drawn element. It might be my calligraphy, some hand-lettering, a small doodle, or even a flower illustration. I will also hold true to the hand-lettered nature of my designs: any item I ever create for you will still always have a hand-drawn element.

My mission with Lovely Little Light from the start has been to glorify God with the artistic gifts and talents he has given to me. LLL started in my college dorm making custom artwork however, the type of custom artwork that I have done over the years has evolved and changed. Over the past few years I have absolutely loved working with other small business owners in collaboration projects! 


Therefore, each month, I take on a limited amount of custom projects each month in collaboration with small businesses. These include: collaboration collections, large scale murals and window art, branding, logo design, client gifts, and bulk apparel orders.


Inquire below to connect with me about how we can bring your vision to life this year.

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Small Business Owner?

Are you a small business owner looking for custom apparel or logo design services? Wanting to collaborate on a special project? Complete the form below to connect with me and tell me more about what you are looking for! I offer bulk apparel, large scale artwork (menus and murals), logo design and visual brand identity services. 

Thanks for submitting!


If you are looking for a custom item, unrelated to a business, please send me an email or visit my contact page. I have created thousands of custom orders (yes, thousands! crazy!) since starting in 2014 and I am honored to have the opportunity to create for you.  Although I no longer advertise them, I still might be able to work with you to bring your idea to life! 

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