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Lovely Little Light’s mission is spread joy and Jesus through pretty letters and handmade goods by sharing the gospel and promoting a community of people who aspire to simply be a light to those around them.


Inspired by Matthew 5:16 which reads: Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.


One person can change the world. Your one little candlelight can light a lot of other candles. I invite you to join the Be a Light Challenge.


Here is how it works:

1) Download and print the free template.

2) Go to a drive-through and buy the order for the car behind you, instructing the cashier to hand them this card when they pull to the window realizing their order has been paid.

3) Pray over that person and allow God to work in their life.

4) Share your experience by tagging #LLLbealight on social media


The download reads: 


You have been impacted by the Lovely Little Light Be a Light Challenge!


You were just given a free coffee or meal and prayed over by the car in front of you.


The person who bought your order also prayed this prayer over you:


God, I do not know what this person is going through today, but I know that you do. I know you see them, you hear them and you want a relationship with them. I pray that they will experience an overwhelming sense of your presence in reading this card knowing how much you love them. May they seek you, come to know you, and surrender their life to you each day. Grant them peace and joy this week no matter the good or the trials the week brings. Allow them to be a light in the place you have placed them. Amen.


Just like your order has been paid in full today, your sins are also "paid in full" by Jesus if you put your faith and trust in him and ask for forgiveness. Visit to learn more about what this means.


If you are feeling called, take this card and do the same for someone later this week. Buy their order and intentionally pray this prayer over them. Tag #LLLbealight on social media if you are wanting to share your experience.

#LLLBeALight Challenge


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