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cute tees and fashionable earrings to fit your type.

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What is the enneagram? When will this collection be available?

The enneagram is a personality assessment test made up of nine types that have helped people learn more about themselves and how to relate to others. It allows us to see the ways in which we view the world and the motivations that drive our actions. Through understanding our own enneagram type and seeking God in prayer and scripture we can learn more about ourselves, how to best interact with others, and how we can grow closer to God.


The Enneagram Collection will be available only from July 22nd – 27th. This PRE-ORDER collection contains nine handmade earrings from Miranda of With Grace Co. and nine hand-drawn embroidered pocket tee designs from Ana of Lovely Little Light.

Earrings and shirts are available separately but we highly recommend saving by purchasing earring + tee bundles. 


There are many books about the enneagram that you can explore to deepen self awareness and relationship growth.


See how your the enneagram type pertains to how you natraully relate to God.


Although true typing comes from learning all about each type, a test can help you get started with what you may be. Take a free test to find your type.


Read about your type and other types on the Enneagram Institute page.

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Meet Ana

Hi, friend. My name is Ana and I create all things hand-lettering and calligraphy.