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What does "Fruit of the Spirit" mean? What inspired this collection?

Through a conversation with a friend of mine, I explained to her that God had laid it on my heart to create a collection of handmade goods fully lettered by me to teach the gospel. She said immediately that it would be really fun to create a Fruit of the Spirit collection inspired by the bible verse Galatians 2:22.


This conversation happened in December. Six months later, I am elated to bring you the Lovely Little Light Fruit of the Spirit Collection. 


When starting this collection in February, I wanted to be intentional about how I go about my first complete collection. I wanted to make this a collection that could share in the truth of the gospel through the creative gifts that God has blessed me with not for my benefit or revenue but for HIS glory. 


What I did not know is that this collection has produced in me a greater desire to know the character of God and continue to intentionally learn about the Fruit of the Spirit. My quest for learning turned into a study of the book of Galatians, a study of chapter 5, and a study of each fruit in isolation as a means to understanding the nature of God himself . . .