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Lovely Little Light offers a small selection of rental signage for events and weddings in the Dubuque area. We understand that sometimes you would like a special sign for your celebration but do not necessarily need to keep it after the event. 


Our signs are hand-lettered and fully customizable.  Depending on the type of sign, some are created painting directly on the sign and others are digitally lettered then adhered to the sign with vinyl. All rentals last for one week and involve pick-up and drop-off. Various stands and easels are also available for rent.  

Custom rental sign options are listed below and include chalkboard, mirror, acrylic, and digital designs. 
* Wood signs are only available for purchase - see my online shop to purchase *

By filling out the form below, I will be in touch with you about each rental sign type that is available for your specific date along with my pricing + photo brochure so we can move forward with getting you the special signs you would like displayed for your event. 

Rental Signage List 

Acrylic Signs

8x10 (2 total)

11x14 (7 total)

18x24 (4 total)

24x48 Hanging Sign

Mirror Signs 

19x28 Modern White Frame Rectangle Mirror

26x36 Antique Gold Frame Rectangle Mirror

21x26 Antique Gold Frame Rectangle Mirror 

12x16 Antique Gold Frame Rectangle Mirror 

25x31 Green Frame Rectangle Window Mirror 

26x31 Light Wood Frame Oval Mirror

Chalkboard Signs 

22x31 Rustic Wood Frame Chalkboard 

20x26 Gold Frame Chalkboard 

17x35 Rustic White Frame Chalkboard

24x36 Rustic Antique Ligh Wood Frame Chalkboard

18x24 Light Woof Frame Chalkboard (3 total)

16x16 Rustic Wood Frame Chalkboard

Pre - Made Rental Signage

"Welcome to Our Beginning" 18x36 Wood Sign

"Reserved" 6x12 Hanging or Table Wood Sign (5 total available) 

"Just Married" Canvas Tapestry

"We love because he first loved us" 27x38 Rustic Chalkboard with Wood Frame Sign

"Here comes the bride" 11x14 Wood Sign

"Love is sweet" 20x20 Glass Sign

"Love is sweet" 12x12 Octagon Mirror Sign

"Cards and Gifts" 11x14 Wood Sign

"Cards and Gifts" 11x14 Acrylic Sign

"Please sign our guestbook" 12x24 Wood Sign

"Please sign our guestbook" 8x10 Acrylic Sign

Digital Download Signs

You tell me the design you would like, I create the design digitally, send you a PDF, then you can print it to frame. Pricing starts at $10 per design. 

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