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5 Things Pregnancy Has Taught Me

This week I was prompted to think about what the Lord has taught me through month 5 of pregnancy but more deeply what he has taught me about his purpose for all of us as women (mom or not).

And ooff, the page suddenly filled up with a lengthly list. Here are the top five that I was able to elaborate on and feel deeply in this season:

1. God’s timing is perfect every time.

We got married in October and found out we were pregnant in December but there was a time in my life a few years ago when I really didn't know if children would be in my future based on what I was going through in the midst of a divorce. But how sweet he has been to redeem my story and what a joy it was to trust in the Lord’s timing for growing our family.

2. My worth is not defined by what I get done in a day.

In the beginning of pregnancy, I was very tired and fatigued causing me to feel extremely unproductive in a day. (Any other enneagram 3 mamas out there who can relate to that?) Thankfully, the Lord open my eyes to the fact that my worth is not defined by how many things I accomplish in a day but defined by who HE says I am. I have been able to walk more freely into each day asking for God to guide my to-do list for the day so I may accomplish only what it is that he wills for that day. What freedom and peace come when we put our day in the hands of the one who holds all time.

3. You can feel extremely excited and extremely unprepared at the same time.

All the excitement of welcoming a child into the world is also coupled with feelings of extreme unpreparedness for the calling ahead. But this season has also provided such a sweet opportunity to trust the Lord’s power to sustain me and equip me as I care for HIS child that he has entrusted me.

4. Busy does not equal success.

In the season of both starting my own business full-time and becoming pregnant has made me realize my deep desire to slow down and create a family that is focused on kingdom success, not worldly success.

5. A woman’s body is so amazingly made to mother.

How amazing to see the ways in which God has created the female body. My eyes were opened to the concept that a woman’s body was the only thing made of man (the rib of a man to be specific) - like what an amazing truth to see how God uses women for his glory. For as the woman originates from the man, so also man is born through the woman; and all things (whether male or female) originate from God as perfect Creator. I have so much more awe of God’s creation in watching him create a baby in me.

BONUS: Motherhood is a direct representation of the Gospel. (This one did not come from me directly but from an article a friend shared with me from Risen Motherhood)

“While a mother gives birth through physical pain, groaning, sweat and tears, her water breaking and the shedding of her blood–Jesus makes a way for life through his physical torture, sweat and tears in the garden, water pouring out of his side and his pure and perfect blood shed for us on the cross.” In short: Women deliver babies and Jesus delivers the captives, like me and you.

Motherhood has gospel significance.

Motherhood is ordained by God.

Motherhood is a ministry.

Motherhood is sanctifying.

Motherhood is eternal work.

Motherhood is Kingdom Work.

May you believe that no matter where you are in your mothering journey - as a daughter meant to love and serve your mother, as a grieving mama, as an aspiring mother, as a mom-to-be, as a mother of many or a mother of multiple generations: GOD'S PURPOSE IS ALWAYS FOR YOU TO GLORIFY HIM. Let me explain…

Although godly motherhood is valuable as women, it is not our purpose. It is not our first calling, but the result of it.

Our tendency is to find our purpose in the good works we do for God and the people we impact for Christ, but that’s getting the process backward. Revealing God to others isn’t the purpose of my life; it’s the product. My ultimate purpose isn’t to love my child, my friends, or even my husband—it is to love God.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment” (Matthew 22:37–38).

Our purpose is first and foremost to love God and glorify him.

His purpose for your life is that you would know him better, love him more, depend completely on his strength, and understand his faithfulness. If you are a mom, God made you a mom to draw you deeper into his love and his story. If you are not a mom, he STILL aspires to draw you deeper into his love and his story.

Walk in that light today, friend

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