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Are You Living Up To Your Creative Potential?

Did you know that in a recent Google poll, 75% of people think they are not living up to their creative potential?

That's crazy! But when you think about it, that data also makes sense because generally speaking the majority of women are so busy all the time that they do not devote regular time to creativity.

Creativity doesn’t have to be something you express only on the weekends or during off-time—it’s an essential part of anyone’s professional skill set - regardless of your profession. Not only does creativity lead you to innovative thinking, it inspires effective problem solving, new strategies, and fresh ideas. In a study by Twitter, 7 in 10 people felt that being creative is one of the most valuable skills to our country’s economy.

Yet, people don’t always feel supported to express their natural creative talents due to a lack of time, tight deadlines, limited resources, or little encouragement.

My desire is to change that. I hope that you do not see a desire to "create" for only "creative people." YOU are creative because YOU are made in the image and likeness of your Creator! I hope you find time to commit to create so you can become more of who you desire to be.

Use the reflection guide below to guide you through how you want to create more this year.

reasons you need to create more
Download PDF • 2.13MB

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