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Be a light.

She asked how I was doing - and for some reason my fake “good” just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I couldn’t keep it together any longer. I broke down and told her what no one else knew I was walking through. And when I sat there on my bed, with the phone in my hand, crying my eyes out, she said words to me that I would’ve never expected but that will stick with me forever.

After she listened to what I was going through, she gently asked me, “What is the worst thing that could come out of this all?”

As I froze to think of my worst fear no words came out of my mouth. So she again said, “What is the worst case scenario?”

At first I thought “How could she ask that? That is the last thing that I wanted to think about in my existing hurt.....”

But as the tears continued to fall I told her my worst fears in light of the situation.

And after that she said something so powerful. She said, “I never want you to experience that and I will pray every day that you don’t have to endure that. But if that horrible thing comes true what is still going to be true about God?”

I remember stumbling through the words as I realized what she was asking, “He will still be good and faithful.”

And she continued on and said, “If that comes true what will still be true about you?”

As I struggled to even get out the words, my mind raced and the sobbing turned into a slow crying as I said that I would still be his dearly beloved daughter.

I don’t remember much else from that two hour conversation from a few years ago but I will always remember that specific part. In my moment of need, my friend was able to be a light for me.

She was a light pointing me forward to the truth and reminding me who God is and who I am to the only one whose opinion mattered.

Not too long ago I told my friend about this conversation and she remembered talking to me that night but didn’t recall that specific part. She didn’t even realize how much of an impact that portion of the conversation left on me and how her words actually helped carry me when part of that worst fear actually came true.

There have been many people in the past few years who have been a light to me.

I’m sure you have those people and moments too. And maybe you have been that light to others.

But it’s crazy to me how sometimes you don’t even know the small ways in which you can be a light to those around you.

So I tell you all of this to simply say:

Be a light where you are.

Take time to listen.

Take time to lend a hand.

Take time to care.

Take time to be a light.

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